World of Warcraft’s newest cinematic shows a Horde deeply divided


With World of Warcraft players deeply divided on the build-up to Battle for Azeroth — especially in light of a recent war crime committed by a certain war chief — players were left wondering how the rest of the Horde was dealing with Sylvanas’ over-the-top actions.

Part of that answer was delivered today with a new gorgeous CGI cinematic titled “Old Soldier.” Taking place in the hours before the Siege of Lordaeron that was seen in the Battle for Azeroth trailer, this cinematic focuses on Saurfang’s distress over the lack of honor in the Horde to the point where he feels like quitting entirely.

“They will come for us now,” Saurfang bellows. “ALL OF THEM.”

It also stars the surprise cult star of the expansion, a Troll Shaman that fans have labeled “Zappy Boi.” Our favorite comment? “He is no longer Zappy Boi. He is now Zappy Man.”

Blizzard’s on fire with the reveals and info this week, so make sure to read up on the Heart of Azeroth system that will be at the core of the expansion’s gear progression. And if, for whatever reason, you’re wondering who WoW fan Terry Crews fights for, apparently he’s still on Team Horde these days.

Source: World of Warcraft, Blizzard Watch. Thanks Sophisikiai!

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Very nice cinematic. Love how the story is building. Eager to see more.

Well played Blizzard, well played.


I’ve been very critical of Blizzard and a lot of their choices going into BFA, but their cinematic team is unparalleled. Seeing Lordaeron in such detail really makes me want a new engine for the game.


Showed nothing and we gained no insight we did not already know. Saurfang went back.

Looked pretty though.

David Blair

The cinematics team can do no wrong…

Kickstarter Donor

So they knew we would be upset enough to have this video queued up.

You likely believe one of two scenarios:

1) They are presenting a powerful story in clear steps.

2) They just want to make everyone mad enough to get in the news. They picked something bad and had the PR material ready. Isn’t it weird that the video directly points out the injustice? Almost as if our cries were scripted from the beginning?

I think this is ham-fisted and not good storytelling..


Tuesday-Thursday: “Omg Blizzard sucks at storytelling wtf why are the Horde evil now where was Saurfang.”

Friday: “Wow that was a very great cinematic with some powerful storytelling. REMOVE SHOULDERS TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR SAURFANG!”

It’s almost like Blizzard has more parts of the story to tell or something.

Randy Savage

I’ve played through the beta so I already know the rest of the story up to the next major content patch that’s most likely 6 months away. Nothing that transpires with Saurfang in this cinematic or after BfA’s launch comes even close to balancing out the direction they’re going with Sylvanas. Obviously, there’s more parts to the story coming but what they’ve done so far is so extreme that it limits the potential directions the story could logically go in, and the most obvious option is not that interesting considering we’ve already replaced one evil Warchief with the help of the Alliance.


Loved this cinematic. I wish the Sylvanas ‘becoming’ cinematic was done in this vein.


Free the Gaza strip uh I mean Kalimdor. That’s what this story reminds me of. Don’t make me polymorph you! ? ?


Well, say what you will, but Blizz can make a good trailer.

The rest? We will just have to see.


Well, If this is all bad storytelling I guess I don’t know what good ones are. Cause I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Ah well, to each there own. When LOTR books first released a lot of critics thought it was trash. People today think Marvels Avengers is good storytelling. Lol. People just enjoy bandwagoning.


I think what you describe is simply a good example of Total Human Degradation.

Matthew Yetter

That was truly spectacular. Great graphics, which is to be expected from these. But genuinely strong storytelling as well. Probably the best game cinematic I’ve seen.

Oleg Chebeneev

They need to start uploading those trailers in 4k