EVE Online heads into the abyss with its August update today

Dark down.
It’s time for EVE Online players to head into the deepest parts of Abyssal Deadspace with the game’s latest patch (which you may recall was delayed by a week). The Secrets of the Abyss event is now live, and it’s tasking players with diving into the aforementioned content as a means to earn Agency points, new SKINs for Triglavian hulls, new armor repairers and shield boosters… in short, exclusive event rewards.

The patch also brings in the first stages of an improved new player experience and a number of cosmetic improvements, so those of you with no interest in the game’s new PvE content will still have something to enjoy. You should even notice some client performance improvements as an added bonus while you’re in there; it’s just that the main content focus is on heading into the abyss.

Not sure how to handle that? Don’t worry, our own Brendan has you covered with a guide to basic fittings that will get you started.

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