Path of Exile outlines balance changes for Delve League

Light it up.
The Delve League for Path of Exile should be out on Friday, but players who love examining patch notes will have to wait a little while longer for those. Still, the developers have helpfully put together a summary of the big balance changes arriving with the expansion, as well as explanations for the changes. Spell Block, for example, has been reworked to use flat sources as benefits, hopefully making the stat available to everyone rather than making it super-powerful for builds investing heavily in block and useless otherwise.

Movement skills have been adjusted across the board so that the various options aren’t quite as unbalanced; things like Flame Dash and Lightning Warp have been upgraded, while Shield Charge is no longer affected by local weapon speed changes. There are also several minion passive changes to balance that gameplay style. Take a look through the full rundown of changes to get at least an early idea of what you’ll need to tweak in your build when the patch goes live later this week.

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I’m curious why they’d spend so much effort on movement skills before Delve, where the trailer suggests that – aside from chasing the cart-thing, you’re not going to want to move much at all out of the light. In fact, go flinging off into the darkness and you’re dead, no?

Ryan Clarke

I believe I read that the cart will speed up to your pace.

Bryan Correll

I think that’s the case. And that it follows you instead of the other way around (I think.) Also you’ll be able to get flares to temporarily extend the lighted area. I just want to be able to cast magic missile at the darkness.

Cyclone Jack
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Cyclone Jack

You can use Flares to temporarily light an area off the main path, to which there may be additional loot to find. Flares only last for so long, so some boosts to movement skills will be helpful in returning to the cart.