Final Fantasy XIV launches its special site for patch 4.4

The man with the scars.
You know a Final Fantasy XIV patch is approaching when a special site for the patch goes live, and lo! Here’s the special site for patch 4.4, A Prelude in Violet. While several of the elements of the patch have yet to be revealed, as per usual, we can already see that the main scenario will involve no small amount of dealing with Garlean mysteries and heading into the calcified wasteland of the Burn for what will be a dangerous mission.

The Burn is also one of the two new dungeons arriving, along with a request for violent and dangerous botany in the hard mode of Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum in the Dravanian Highlands. Players will also have new objectives for the Doman reconstruction effort as a breather between what look to be dreadfully important missions elsewhere. Ready for some events which may very well lead to the bringing of some shadows? Because the monsters are getting ready for you.

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