Lineage 2 Classic launches in NA today as Lineage 2 Revolution teases Batman collab and Lineage II Dark Legacy hits mobile


The Lineage franchise is working overtime this week.

For starters, Lineage II Classic launches for North America today, after a successful run in Europe and Russia.

“Create your character from a selection of 31 classes and the five original races, each with varying skills and abilities. Go back to the days before instances, when earning a level was an achievement worthy of everyone shouting “grats.” You won’t want to go it alone in Lineage II Classic; form a clan with your allies and go to war, dominating your foes and gaining valuable loot. It’s your chance to relive the times when conquering an MMORPG server meant something!”

While the game is nominally free-to-play, NCsoft is vending launch packs with bonuses and cosmetics, and there’s a tiered rewards program for subbing as well.

Meanwhile, over in Lineage 2 Revolution, Netmarble announced that it’s preparing to launch the Orc race, bump the level cap to 320, and implement the Avento region, as well as tweak the server layout. The most interesting bit, however, as revealed at its player summit, is a “time-limited, special event featuring iconic Batman characters in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment to kick off the game’s first anniversary.” Whaaaaaat.

Finally, there’s Lineage II Dark Legacy, which NCsoft just dropped on the Google Play store last week. According to DroidGamers, it’s not a real MMORPG but rather a team-based dungeon crawler using gacha mechanics for hero collection.

Happy launch day, Lineage II Classic folks!

Source: L2C patch notes, press release, Google Play

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This L2 classic is a joke, 0.25 rates spoils are messed up, 14% exp loss on death, Players accounts beeing banned left right and centre, bugged quests. Unless you can afford VIP4 and 80 Ncoin every 1000 shots I’d stay away.


Yeah im out.
Downlaoded and thought it would be fun.
BUT they dont allow you to use the numpad for rebinding keys.
I’m left handed so I really need this to be effective.
Another box left unticked for me regarding NCSoft.
I always seem to have so many issues with this game company that I neve have with anyone else

The MMO Enthusiast

That would be great if I could actually play Lineage 2, for such an old game it amazes me that even hardcore PC’s have a difficult time playing it. I don’t know what developers were thinking when they thought to use more CPU power for there graphics engine over GPU power.

Henrik Boriths

I dont understand these companies. They make all these classic servers to feed peoples nostalgia and then they slap a p2w element on it that was no where to be found when these games launched.

Take this classic as example. They added a VIP package. 10% extra PvE damage. Like what the hell?

And its even worse for this one.

Its not c1.5, 2, 3 or anything previously released. This is a mix match of various content where it starts off gated (B grade / lvl 70 being highest) and periodically released with the content already existing. It uses content from after interlude as well. Anyone looking for nostalgia probably won’t find it.

Calling it classic Lineage II is a horrible joke and purely PR to get people to spend money on the title.

Kickstarter Donor

What you’re talking about is why there private servers