Path of Exile outlines its new Atlas Objective mechanics for Betrayal


Daily missions will be gone forever with Path of Exile: Betrayal. Daily missions are for people living in worlds with loyalty, apparently. But really, those daily missions are going away… or, at least, the form you knew them in will be gone. Instead, we now have Atlas Objectives, which are functionally similar but not altogether the same because you’re picking them up all over the place.

As you fight your way through maps, there’s a roughly 33% chance of a random Master appearing with an objective. You’ll also get random Atlas Objectives spawning on your Atlas of Worlds, with specific Masters seeking you out for objectives. You also have a chance of getting a new one to show up when you complete a map, and if you get a random chance for a Master with an uncompleted objective, it’ll move over to the new map. So it’s similar to the daily missions, but it’s more random and varied, which can hopefully produce plenty of novel experiences.

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