Guild Wars 2’s roller beetle racing event is already live


The world of Tyria is getting fast and furious today with the release of Guild Wars 2’s much-awaited roller beetle racing – in fact, ArenaNet pushed it all live late last night ahead of schedule. Surprise!

The update adds five new race tracks full of “leaps, turns, drifts, and sprints” on which players can test their beetle-jockey skills. To encourage players to take to the tracks, from today until December 25th, players can complete a variety of daily roller beetle racing achievements to earn “piles of Racing Medallions,” which can be exchanged for fabulous prizes such as transformation tonics, racing-related cosmetics, and the adorable Mini Roller Beetle pet.

Participating in GW2’s roller beetle races will earn you not only bragging rights and sweet in-game rewards but also chances to win one of a variety of spectacular real-world prizes, including a $30,000 car as we wrote about yesterday. Each week between now and December 25th, players who complete at least one roller beetle race will be entered to win that week’s prize. The other goodies include Razer PC peripherals, a new Alienware gaming rig, a full entertainment system, a “four-day, three-night dune buggy adventure in San Diego.”


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