Bless Online opens up its Winter Festival and Rift of Space and Time stage 3


As promised, Neowiz has dropped its latest Bless Online update for Steam players today, focused primarily on the third stage of Rift of Space and Time. Endgame PvE players, this one’s for you.

“After temporarily closing on November 7th, the Rift of Time and Space will be reopening with a brand new third stage! This expansion will take RoTS to a total of 30 rounds (previously 20), add a new area, and will also see the addition of new stage rewards: bracelet items that give additional effects to the wearer! This new third stage has never been released before in any region, so Bless players on Steam will be the first to try it out! We can’t wait to hear what you think.”

The Winter Festival is also live today, with its trio of “interconnected quests,” during which “players will have to make sure the festival celebration goes off without a hitch by collecting the Light of the World Tree,” among other things.

As we’ve previously noted, Neowiz is also looking ahead to 2019, when it will launch the Mystic class, new dungeons, new skills, and RvR content.

Source: Steam

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Man…I’ve been playing this more and it’s not good (and I’m still shocked at how poorly it runs given the quality of visuals) but…I’m still enjoying myself somehow. Cat lady ranger (RIP the lack of cat lady paladins) and I’m just mindlessly enjoying the leveling grind (hunt quests, ho!) because AUTORUN IS THE BEST.

Oh well, hopefully I’ll get to the point where I can actually do a dungeon soon because thus far I’ve never had a single one pop and I’m curious to see how group play/dungeon design is (only done the solo dungeons for quests so far).

Colin Goodwin

You might just get that dungeon pop when they merge servers on the 19th


I agree with you. This game is certainly flawed, but not nearly as bad as I was led to believe. I think people’s expectations were just way too high before launch.


The game itself may not be “bad” per se, but launching while being riddled with bugs and with horrible localization and optimization certainly didn’t help win any players over. I don’t think this is a case of “high expectations”, but rather “expecting par for the course”.


Yeah my phrasing was bad. Expectations were only ‘way too high’ compared to the expectations of those of us that are only trying it now, after all the drama. The stuttering and localization issues are unforgivable in a game that was in development for such a long time and had launched multiple times before. Still, I think it’s a solid MMO if you can look past those problems.