Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, Champions Online, and more PWE MMOs outline their Christmas events


PWE is dropping festive sprinkles of snow all over its MMORPGs for Christmas this year.

In Star Trek Online, Q’s Winter Wonderland is already live, complete with ugly sweaters and running on ice. “Return to the wonderland derived from the mind of Q once again! Protect a race of sentient gingerbread cookies from the Snow-conian, cast a reel (or pound on the ice) to enjoy some Klingon ice fishing, take on the dreaded Kramp’ihri and his merry imps.”

Neverwinter’s Winter Festival of Simril returns on December 20th “with new rewards and improvements to the fishing mini-game, aligning the system with the one introduced in the Sea of Moving Ice update.”

Fancy superhero funsies? Champions Online is unleashing Attack of the Misfit toys starting on December 13th: “Champions can visit Renaissance Center to view the splendor of the ornamented tree, visit the Toy Drive store and gather presents to collect special rewards from the Helper Elves. Champions can also battle Clarence, the giant teddy bear, and Black Harlequin, who has turned the abandoned foundry into a workshop to create deadly toys.”

Even PWI and Forsaken World are getting winter holiday love; PWI’s Wonderand X’mas Carnival runs from December 20th to 27th, while Forsaken World is running a series of events and bonuses, the first of which started Wednesday.

Source: Press release
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