The Daily Grind: Do you start over when you come back to an MMO?


In looking over my history with MMORPGs this year, one trend leaps out at me: In pretty much every old favorite that I returned to, I started over completely rather than pick up and play old characters. From SWTOR to Star Trek Online to FFXIV, I kept doing this over and over again.

Am I troubled? Am I addicted to that “new character” smell? Or is it what I keep telling myself, that to really get invested back into an MMO, I need to experience it from scratch? I’m not sure, but chances are that I’m going to keep doing this and very rarely make it to any max level and endgame.

Do you do this? Do you start over when you come back to MMOs rather than pick up and play old characters? If so, why?

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Malcolm Swoboda

I just did it. Deleted all SWTOR characters (including my main with some GTN CM purchases) and started from scratch. A 7-day sub code allowed me to make 8 characters of various races for the class stories, when I decide to do that.

Kickstarter Donor

Single player games… yes CONSTANTLY


Kickstarter Donor

I don’t.

I create a new, disposable character of the same race/class/ability combo as the old character that I’d like to return to playing, and then I play that disposable character through the game’s starting tutorial and into the beginning of the game itself.

Once I feel my memory returning as to how that type of character plays and is played, I delete the disposable version, and return to playing my original version, now that I remember how it all works.

Hikari Kenzaki

So, no… and yes.

We have alts. Lots and lots of alts. When we get a need to play an old game, we’ll probably roll up a couple new characters and start over. And then blow through the story to the end.

But it’s gotten to the point right now where we just keep a whole bunch of games on the back burner. When new content comes along, we slip into our mains and play that. Then play it on some of our other maxed out alts or go play something else.

That’s what we did in SWTOR. Played the Imp side on our mains, then played some Rep alts.

Toy Clown

I used to frequently and it had more to do with “bloat” of abilities, spells, etc and not being able to remember what all I could do on a character. I’d usually start a new character to get a hang of the game again, then head back to my original character.

Ian Wells

Absolutely. I leave a game because I grow tired of the end game experience, and come back to it to re-experience the parts of the game that made me fall in love with it in the first place.

DDO, is a perfect example of this for me. I have had to have had at least 20 “main” characters in that game over the years, and always grow tired of the marathon rind that comes with doing multiple reincarnations and the bitter butt hurt that comes from other players should you refuse to play any of the cookie cutter builds designated at “raid ready” by the community at large.

When ever I go back, I roll up a new character, maybe donate a couple rare items I want them to have to save myself some plat / treasure chest farming (whats a low level arcane archer with out a silver bow?) and have fun running them through the whole gamut of content I own through a couple reincarnations, only to quit again when I reach a level of play where people start getting huffy that I didn’t want to play the preferred meta build.

Oleg Chebeneev

Yeah, Ive been restarting MMOs many times. Lotro, Gw2, Eso, Ddo, eq, Eq2, Eve, swtor to name a few. And dont have max level character in any of these. Its more like. Nostalgy short runs than gettin seriously dedicated to playing.

Fervor Bliss

If there is some other opening story I can see yes.

Kickstarter Donor

I do, and it probably hurts my ability to truly come back.


some games kind of require it, in a way. for instance, it’s really difficult to stop playing ffxi for a year then jump back in to your character because there is a ton of convoluted stuff in that game.

most mmos, you can get back to your original chars.