The Daily Grind: What MMOs are you no longer anticipating in 2019?


I always have a ridiculously long list of MMOs I’m anticipating every year. In fact, we usually write our list of anticipated games several weeks before we put the award live, and several of us keep adding to it during that time as we think of more stuff we want to get in there. For example, while I remembered to include Pantheon in the poll, none of us remembered to mention it in our blurbs, leading to some hurt feels on the Twitters!

But there are a couple of games that have very much fallen off my watch list – Skull and Bones is among them. Andrew’s hands-on at E3 last year didn’t inspire confidence for me, and I am a tad worried that between Sea of Thieves and Atlas, folks are going to be a bit bored of swashbucklin’ by the time Ubisoft gets around to pushing this one out of drydock.

What MMOs are you no longer anticipating that you once were?

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Mr Ish

Camelot Unchained. Although I could REALLY do with some ball-park dates this year, ideally for release.

I’m not sure I’ve got many more years MMO excitement left in me!


My butt tells me (it’s where I get my intuition from) that CU isn’t going to release this year, but this is going to be the year they make and show a compelling beta build with fun, engaging siege, combat, and crafting…

…or fail to do that, and are in big trouble.

Remains to be seen.

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Sean Barfoot

It’s a little sad to say, but there’s not really anything on the horizon that makes me excited at all. This genre really needs a shake up.

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I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been looking forward to anything new in the MMO space in a long while. I’m glad a lot of the oldies are doing good, and appear to be getting better, and honestly stuff like FFXIV and ESO’s expansion are more interesting to me than anything new, especially given the fact that we’re mostly still waiting on the PVP centric Kickstarter games of old to get here. And then what next? Stuff like AoC or Gorgon hold a mild curiosity, but that’s it. I was never seriously interested in actually playing them.


Its a bit of a cop-out answer, but I only follow whatever is being reported on this site.

It sucks, but if a game is not making enough ripples in the MMO biosphere to be noticed, its not going to survive long enough to make paying for it or invest time with it worth it before it eventually shuts down.

It also keeps me in the loop of what companies are being underhanded with their business practices. It helps me keep away from those I don’t tolerate and makes for an entertaining read for those I’m not entirely offended by.

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Peregrine Falcon

1) Star Citizen 2) City of Titans 3) Ship of Heroes 4) Valiance Online

It’s pretty obvious that none of these will launch in 2019, and I’m not really interested in anything else in the MMO genre, so I guess I’ll just play other games until 2020.

Bruno Brito

Star Citizen. I don’t get hyped watching clouds in the sky.


Wasn’t really looking forward to anything specifically.

Had been vaguely intrigued by Ashes of Creation, but with their ‘battle royale’ side-step…they are reminding me of an old game idea I kept watching for literally years…

(Infinity – The Quest for Earth…which is now going by I-Novae Studios, and eventually created a flight sim/combat module named Infinity : Battlescape …because it was basically one guy working alone in his apartment on it…had big dreams about making a persistent universe with the ability to seamlessly transition from space to planet/through the atmosphere and land…with multiple planets/spaceflight, and had planned to turn it into an MMO…)

…that eventually kinda fizzled and sat in development for so long with no real funding that it really never went anywhere. I’m still not even sure if that is just vaporware now, or if he’ll someday finish it.

Heck, the idea sounds just like Star Citizen’s promises…

I’m also slightly curious about a few other games. But basically anything that includes (forced) PvP in it writes itself off my radar. Or forced grouping in general.


Getting a BR spinoff is what made me remove Ashes of Creation from my watchlist. A good way to lose your fans is make something that isnt designed for those fans that followed you for


Was looking at Ascent: Infinite Realm, not anymore.
Would love a worthy successor to Aion, but no longer trusting NC to get anything right.

Neither am I expecting any more “large” mmo’s … the future looks pretty barren .. I’d love to have something to look forward to, though.

Toy Clown

There were two on my list I was looking forward to, but removed, or mostly removed interest:

1. Ashes of Creation – I’ve totally taken this off my watch-list. I have zero interest in another forced PvP game, especially one in which player housing can be destroyed. Sure, you get your furnishings and plans back, but you still have to repurchase, or relevel a node to get the house back. Too heartbreaking.

2. Star Citizen – It’s the bottom of my watch list, mainly because still no female avatars and no release date in sight, so I just watch the news with mild interest when it pops up now.