EVE Online’s first release of the year is really smashing rocks

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You move 16 tons (of asteroids), what do you get? Another hour of skill training and a whole lot of destroyed asteroids, plus a cargo hold full of minerals to sell. EVE Online kind of demolishes the point of that song, but it’s also making the smashing of asteroids more visually satisfying with a new visual effect for depleted asteroids in today’s patch. As you grind space rocks to dust, you can really watch them disintegrating. It’s no doubt going to be a visceral thrill.

The game’s first patch of the year also improves the activity tracker, offering greater usability and optimization. For example, it’s now in a window rather than filling the screen, making it easier to use while you’re doing other things. Like depleting asteroids! And the patch also promises to fix the issue warp desyncs, which means less time with issues and more time… yes, depleting asteroids. Look, it’s all about depleting asteroids with this patch. You’re just going to need to accept that.

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