Blade & Soul offers more extensive previews of additional class talent systems


You might recall that Blade & Soul showed off its new talent system for a handful of classes last week. It was toward the end of the week, so we understand if you were a bit distracted. If you were aware of it and just waiting for your own personal class to get one, though? You are most likely in luck, because today the game is showing off talent previews for Assassins, Blade Dancers, Warlocks, and Kung Fu Masters.

That’s not quite everyone, but it does give you a chance to see the talent options to focus your kung fu into fire or lightning for Kung Fu Masters, become an expert in curses or time and space for Warlocks, or become a poisoned blade or a ninja master as an Assassin. While it’s not a full picture of the systems just yet, the official preview should give you a clearer picture of what the options will look like to add that extra bit of class personalization.


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It is interesting. And from the bits I’ve seen on Youtube you will be able to mix old skills with the awakened skills as well. A bit of the best of both is possible, it would seem.

In general, it looks like everyone is getting a buff, which must mean the Raid that is to follow is going to be impossible. Heh. The difficulty is not lacking now even with a buff.

We will see how it all shakes out. I hope it was worth the delay and not a bugged out mess.