Warframe’s latest development stream shows off the Wisp and the new Garuda Deluxe skin

You look bony. Are you feeling bony?

The developers behind Warframe love showing off new frames and new skins, and the most recent development stream involved both. The Wisp is slated for inclusion without any sort of accompanying lore (yet), but her abilities should be more than enough to get you interested in playing her, spawning reservoirs for buffs and sending out decoys to encourage players into fighting and holding specific points. What else could you want?

That’s a joke, of course; the team knows what else you could want, and it’s “more customization options for existing frames,” leading to the reveal of the upcoming Garuda Deluxe skin complete with hovering decor. There’s also new ephemera on the way to provide you with new footstep effects and a few more new bits of visual customization, so players are encouraged to check out the full archived stream below or just buzz by the highlights on the official site.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip!

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Colin Goodwin

Garuda is my favorite and that deluxe skin is so friggin good! Time to grind some plat to put away for it’s release.

Anton Mochalin

I’m a Warframe player and consider it one of the best online games at the moment but even I think there are a bit too many Warframe news here. Why don’t you cover some less known game like Deep Rock Galactic instead?

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Alex Willis

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