Black Desert teases Underwater Ruins expansion on PC, updates with Valencia expansion on Xbox One

Aquaphobic folks would do well to avoid Black Desert’s upcoming content rollout. But for everyone else, the Underwater Ruins expansion approaches on May 22nd. “Only the most seasoned adventurers will be able to venture to these new water-themed locations to face off against some of the fiercest enemies in the game,” Kakao says in its preview today.

“Players will have to travel by boat and dive into the ocean to enter the two adventuring locations. There are the Protty Cave and the Sycraia Ruins, as well as Sycrid, a brand field new boss in Black Desert Online. Once the location has been reached, players do not have to swim during combat and/or exploration.”

It’s not just you; our whole newsroom read that as Potty Cave too. It’s super pretty at least.

What about what’s live in today’s patch? That’d be the the Hands of Gold Returns event and the Great Marni’s Stone: “Rumor has it that new Marni’s Stones have been dropping from monsters around Valencia, Kamasylvia and Drieghan. These new Marni’s Stone will grant special accessories when completed and will always grant a new Marni’s Stone, so there is no excuse now to help Marni with his craziness!”

Meanwhile, over in Black Desert for Xbox One, Pearl Abyss has pushed out the Valencia expansion.

The latest edition of our Black Desert column, Desert Oasis, will be live early this afternoon – stay tuned!

Source: Press release, patch notes
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