The Daily Grind: Are you concerned about the future of Amazon’s New World?


When Amazon Game Studios announced last week that it was taking New World’s always-on alpha offline “to design major new features” that are “large in scope and create changes to the world that could be disruptive,” my gut reaction wasn’t “yay new features” – it was “wow, that sounds ominous.” As we noted in our writeup, that’s not usually how Western MMOs are developed, and those games that do go back to the drawing board mid-development often suffer delays and other problems, if they aren’t abandoned entirely.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Amazon’s multiplayer brawler Breakaway: It went on hiatus and then was canceled within a few months. I certainly don’t want to see that happen to one of the largest MMOs in production right now.

Then again, Amazon is still a relatively new player in the online games market, and it’s certainly not beholden to any rules when it comes to how it tests its games. It didn’t run this alpha like other games run their alphas, either, and from our own hands-on with the game and the many leaks along the way, the game definitely did need something big to really set it apart from existing survival MMO hybrids. So who knows what it’s up to?

Are you concerned about the future of Amazon’s New World? How do you see the whole thing playing out?

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Honestly, I keep forgetting this game even exists.

Nothing about it seems to indicate that New World is a game I’d want to play.

This doesn’t mean it’s bad, only that it’s bad for me as a player. The things the game appears to be focused on are not game elements which appeal to me.


Not concerned, not really interested in an open PvP game. Just more of the same of the many already out there. Would have been nice if it was PvE centric and more focused on the native tribes and lifestyles. As I see it it is entirely a “White Invaders pretending they own the world because they enter it” scenario with aggression as main ingredient for gameplay too. Booooring.

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Karl Maurer

I will be fully honest here. I played the game for a while, but as a player that does NOT like PvP in the least, the limited sandbox elements for crafting, exploring, and building were… lackluster at best, really. To progress any real level in crafting past a certain point required (at least up to the point when I left the Alpha and gave up on it) membership in a clan/guild (or discover a clan/guild willing to open their settlement up to the public when ‘at peace’) to gain access to the crafting tables required for higher-level items/gear-building.

I managed not to get caught up in much PvP by running as fast as I could away from anyone that ever started to attack me, and staying far afield in the wilds as much as my inventory load would allow, as well as the very early morning times I could squeeze in for playing (due to a very strange work schedule at the time).

In the end, it was the fact that the game INTENDED to be a PvP game with guild-v-guild conflict that turned me away from it along with the lackluster crafting elements. So, I stopped playing and decided to do other things with my limited time. No big loss. I am sure it appealed to a number of people that were playing there during that time I played in Alpha. And I hope those people can continue to enjoy it when it returns. I wish them well.

It’s just not the game for me.

Commander Aze

It’s highly unlikely that it will be cancelled the product is in good condition and high quality. The team working it is highly dedicated and professional. They are to this day taking and engaging with the closed alpha community. I think this is more to do with being sure to release a great end product instead of settling for just good, and that takes time. Props to them.


I can empathize with your sentiment regarding how unfairly our chuckleheaded ejaculation of opinion can be unfair and harmful.

I have to argue much of the rest, though. If Amazon wanted to capture the Fortnight crowd they’d be laying ground with those folks. They intend this to be MMO and that means, like it or not, dealing with the misfit dorks and dreamers who can’t survive competitive PVP any more than I could compete with that kid who can solve a Rubik’s cube in twelve seconds. Gladiator matches make boring worlds.

Sport games are one thing, but when it comes to virtual worlds that invite a virtual life/lifestyle, you have to make it worthwhile and safe for the pilgrims to progress.

Once you secure that virtual world, I think you’ll have no end of fun ‘sport’ PVP within it, as well as far more significant ‘real’ PVP elements just from keeping inevitable asshat toxic players in check.


They need to make a PvE-focused game using the very good engine and graphics they’re currently using for New World. I enjoyed the heck out of exploring the game world, till some basement-dwelling teenager thought killing a lvl 2 when at 16 is “fun.”

Add quests, individual housing, more mob diversity and spawns, and you’d have a money-making machine.


Originally, I didn’t think New World would even be an MMO, despite Amazon calling it one. A lot of modern companies seem to think that simply being always online makes it an MMO.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out New World is actually an MMO! It actually supports a massive amount of people in teh same virtual environment and they’re actually aiming for 250 vs 250 player battles! Awesome.

Sadly, it still seems to be a survival sandbox. I have no interest in survival games, the core game loop of your average survival game just bores me to tears and the combat always sucks, so the thought of doing that for months on end is enough to make me not play.

This game strikes me as one that will probably be tons of fun for the top 5% of players, the hardcore guys in well organised guilds who can build awesome bases and enjoy the territorial fights with other well organised guilds. However, for the other 95% of players I think it’s going to suck. The vertical progression combined with open pvp will make loads of people quit. The boring survival gameplay loop will get old quickly.

Kevin McCaughey

I think you made a mistake in your article. Did you not mean to say that they were taking it offline rather than taking it online? Seems to make no sense. I don’t think it can work. We don’t need more zombie survival games, there are already hundreds of them and people are sick to death of it.


Unconcerned. Actually pleased that they’ve made the choice. The game looked to be a gankbox. If they can make changes for the better, good. If it goes away, it wasn’t really much on my radar anyway.

No offense intended to gankbox enthusiasts, and I’m fine with PVP, but it needs to mean something, which means the game shouldn’t revolve entirely around grinding predation.

Dilly Dolly

I avoid PvP, and, I avoid it.


I do too.

When I say I’m ‘fine’ with it, I mean I have no problem with doing whatever is within my means to erase you from my game if you decide to make me or anyone around me a victim. Real PVP is sometimes unavoidable.

But I’ve got no time for or interest in a gankbox. I want to build, share, and cooperate against external challenges and the environment.


Well, I think one could hardly say these are good news. MMOs (and even all those other proto-MMOs popping up here and there, nowadays), of all types of games, are made to be continuously iterate on. When you see a dev having to change some of the core stuff, so much so that it would be impractical to perform those changes in-flight, it’s a sign that something did not go as planned, at one level or another.

Only time will tell if that step back was the thing the team and game needed to reach its optimal potential, or if it will have been a step towards its demise…

I sincerely wish the Amazon Game Studios’ team all the best on this arduous journey. There is something truly unique and special about thia piece of collective artistic vision that they have created, and there’s tremendous talent behind it.

See you around :)