Torchlight Frontiers’ new leveling system is deliciously old school


If you’ve been away from the Torchlight Frontiers alpha for a while, it might be worth giving this MMOARPG another look this week. Update 6 has landed, and with it, the team has greatly improved the leveling system with new skill paths, faster experience gain, and additional revival options.

The team said that it drew inspiration from Diablo II and previous Torchlight games for this revamp: “It provides the kind of choices and ownership we have heard you expecting from an ARPG. We also heard loud and clear that our leveling pace was too slow and grindy. Update 6 also does a few things to address that: bosses giving more XP, quests giving XP, monsters pacing improved, and lower leveling costs.”

The patch also added shotgonne and flamethrower cars for the Railmaster’s train, improved pet behavior, increased player movement speed, and added new craftable wardrobes for all classes. Chugga chugga pain train!

Source: Patch notes
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