The Elder Scrolls Online offers a cross-promotional bonus for Elder Scrolls Legends in Elsweyr

Can you see me?

It’s the year of cats in The Elder Scrolls Online, but let’s not forget that Elder Scrolls Legends is also eager to have you run around with the Khajiit in its upcoming Moons of Elsweyr expansion. Want to get more cats in your life? There’s a new cross-promotion between the games encouraging fans in The Elder Scrolls Online to get a whole lot more cat-based options in the card game, and all you have to do is keep adventuring with Khajiit.

Essentially, just playing Elsweyr in TESO between now and June 25th will unlock 15 Moons of Elsweyr card packs in ESL and a special card back for your decks, allowing you to show everyone how much you are on board with cat-people. You’ll need to obviously own the expansion and have your account registered for both games, of course, but it should provide you with a fresh dose of cat-based enjoyment once you roll into the ESL expansion. Players should receive their rewards right around the launch date of Moons of Elsweyr, so you’ll be in prime form.


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Nick Smith

This is my current gaming delimma… continue exploring ESO or finish story content in Legends? And now i have city of heroes back. Also doing the free trial for Fallout 76. :) its a good delimma.

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Tobasco da Gama

Khajiit has cards, if you have coin.