Ultima Online announces Forsaken Foes update for this fall


With Forgotten Treasures live on the production servers, Broadsword is already looking ahead to the unkillable Ultima Online’s next entry in its year of High Seas content. As the game’s latest newsletter notes, the upcoming patch will be dubbed Forsaken Foes.

“The next chapter of our story introduces The Fellowship, a new organization to Britannia that promises to help those in need & spread good across the realm. Many of you have already assisted the Fellowship in their efforts and as our story unfolds you must decide on which path you will walk… As we look at our major goals in Forsaken Foes a large part of what we want to accomplish is related to enhancing the experience for several encounters from both a path of entry and reward perspective. For Corgul and Scalis this means adding additional items to their loot drops to keep those encounters enticing. For Charybdis this means easing the path of entry by providing additional means of acquiring both bait & the Oracle of the Sea, and enhancing the loot drops.”

It sounds as if the studio is also working on overhauling Blackthorn’s dungeon and its drops specifically to discourage botting in the zone. There’s no official date for the release, but since the newsletter notes it’ll also include the anniversary and Halloween content, it’s a safe bet we’ll be playing by fall.

Source: Official newsletter
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