Check out the new character meshes Albion Online is launching tomorrowday


As Albion Online is gearing up to drop its summer Percival update tomorrow, studio Sandbox Interactive has been pumping out previews of what to expect – including big upgrades to the character models themselves.

“As the development process for customization has progressed, our art team has taken the opportunity to make improvements to the basic character models for both male and female characters,” the devs write. “These changes are visible both in the classic character creation screen and the new appearance customization UI, as well as in the game itself.” It’s most obvious not in the “godlike abs” (hehe) but in the overall smoothness of the models thanks to the near-quadrupling of polygon count.

More recently, the developers previewed the game’s next GvG season. Check out everything coming to Percival in the announcement piece!

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Damon Anderson

Ablion is a lot of fun, the update loots great.


I finally gave this game a real chance now. I love it! I found an awesome guild and despite the crappy graphics the game is a lot of fun. The full loot pvp isn’t that bad either since gear is pretty easy to acquire. The crafting and gathering is pretty relaxing too.

It is a Eve lite game based in a fantasy world.


Oh, wow, the characters will have 50% more pixels: 3 instead of 2. 10-15 more updates like this one and the toons will look like characters in Rift released in 2011.

Dug From The Earth


because tiny character models and a very zoomed out camera flagged this upgrade as a priority apparently.

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Prepping the models for the soon to be released buy cosmetics from the shop I’m sure is on the horizon. Make your 12×12 pixel character look shiny! :)