Neverwinter previews the new Gith race launching in August’s Uprising module


Last week, Perfect World and Cryptic announced Neverwinter’s next big thing: the Uprising module, which launches August 13th. And the heart of the content is a brand-new playable race called the Gith, which just so happen to be the subject of the game’s most recent dev blog.

The Gith are well-known to D&D fans, of course, having been around in the P&P game for decades, but to folks not as familiar with the lore, they might come across as sentient goblin-esque humanoids. In Nevewinter itself, they’ll start with boosted dexterity, endurance, combat advantage, and either strength or intelligence.

“Millennia ago, mind flayers conquered a race of beings who lacked the ability to withstand the onslaught. The mind flayers enslaved the race and were cruel leaders who cared little, mistreating them for centuries upon centuries,” PWE explains, though eventually the Gith broke free and built their own civilization. “There was disagreement on whether to take a militaristic approach and continue the war on the mind flayers or to take a more enlightened approach which would attempt to avoid future war. For these reasons the two factions, the githyanki and githzerai, have often been involved in civil wars ever since they earned their freedom.”

As for how you can play one? Make sure you log in when they launch!

“The gith race will be available free to VIP for the first 2 weeks of the module and afterwards free to everyone (including VIP) for the 2 weeks after that. After the initial 4 weeks, players who didn’t log in for the free gith will have to buy a pack to get access to this race.”

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So im guessing they are going plane hopping next? Seeing as the Gith (Githzerai/Githyanki) were not native to the Prime Material plane.

I find it a little odd, I mean Neverwinter is set in the Forgotten Realms that setting is IMMENSE, heck even when I ran campaigns set in it there were literally hundreds of books, and decades fo material developed from what was original Ed Greenwoods home campaign. The world is vast and colourful with may great places and factions and events.. and they have barely touched ANY of it beyond NEverwinter itself in the game and instead chose to go for the Demi plane of Ravenloft and now the Gift which were from the Astral plane as a thing for expanding the game..??

Not that this is a bad thing but it does, as I say leave me a little confused as to what thier direction IS? as clearly they are moving away from the Forgotten Realms.

Dug From The Earth

Wow… they are making it Free… that wasnt expected

And wow… I played D&D from the 80s up through 4th edition, and Gith were never a”Well known” player race lol. That must have been focused on in 5th edition.

Bruno Brito

Not really huge on D&D ( more of a Vampire player ) but i’m highly sure that Genasi are way more hyped.

And yeah, didn’t expect the free. Tho i really don’t see myself going back to this game.

Randy Savage

They look like Gollum mid-transition.