Path of Exile plans to let Fossils stack while offering a boss-themed hideout for sale

Stack attack.

To all those sitting around with too many fossils in Path of Exile wishing that the items could be stacked, good news! The items will finally be stackable starting with patch 3.7.4. Moreover, you’ll be able to socket them directly while still stacked! The team has fixed the technical issues preventing these items from being stacked, and now they’ll pass the (space) savings on to you! It’s everything you could have ever wanted in the comparatively narrow field of stacking items in PoE.

Less stack-related but still nice is the addition of a new hideout to the game’s microtransaction store styled after the Innocence boss arena. If you’ve paused while in the middle of the fight and though that you’d like to live here, now you’ll have your chance to do so. Then you can go fight the boss again and talk about how he’s fighting you in your breakfast nook. Whatever brings you joy.

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