Guild Wars 2’s Festival of the Four Winds is live once again, along with the legendary upgrade event


It’s patch day for Guild Wars 2 today and the new event is live. “Festival of the Four Winds has returned to Tyria!” ArenaNet says. “Come kick back in the Labyrinthine Cliffs or take down watchknights in the Crown Pavilion.” As we’ve previously covered, this Zephyrite-styled event had disappeared for several years prior to its resurrection in 2018, and now here in 2019 it’s back again, with hot air balloons, multiple races, and so forth to keep you occupied until the big show at the end of August.

Coinciding with the event is of course a number of cash shop updates; we spy an adorable raptor skin and paraglider, plus ArenaNet is gearing up for a weekend of pre-anniversary sales.

Not mentioned (yet?) but also live today is the collaborative community event that’ll task players with donating items and lucent crystals to the Mystic Forge to unlock the knowledge needed to implement legendary runes and sigils.

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Matthäus Wey

Should have called it:

Guild Wars 2’s Festival of the Four Winds is live once again, along with some drama.

Classical anet.

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I just got back into the game yesterday and then this drops! This is one of the festivals I enjoy more so I’m looking forward to playing it all.

I love the new raptor skin. And there’s a new Black Lion Chest-only outfit that is surprisingly skimpy, but kind of “covers” your skin with a cosmic effect so it’s not as obvious, sadly. Too bad we didn’t get some summer beachwear.


Mixed feelings on this update. I feel like once again, the festival is mainly fluff rewards and borderline selling sex in the cash shop has become a more frequent M.O. for ANet. I’m pleased to see them create some new events for seasonal festivals though. The Reddits have been a constant “sky os falling” for GW2 so it’s been refreshing to get into ESO this late in the game.