Black Desert Online recaps its PlayStation 4 beta issues and performance

Similar to teamwork.

The beta testing for Black Desert Online on PlayStation 4 has come to an end for now, but there is in fact a nice new summary of the beta available for those who played through it. First and foremost, of course, players can expect that optimization and bug fixes will be taking place both before launch and after launch. Perhaps the biggest quality-of-life change will be allowing the functions of the X and O buttons to be based on system settings instead of a default arrangement; the developers are also looking into addressing requests for resizing the chat window.

Players can also look forward to a specific Asian server for those who are from Japan and Korea (which was apparently a major player bloc in the beta test) and European players will hopefully have store issues ironed out. It’s not all perfect, of course, but it seems more or less par for the course when it comes to beta testing a port. The console version is launching on August 22nd, and it’s worth noting that preorders are still open.

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Michael Hawes

I was excited to try this I wanted to try this for years

but finally tried and it was ……bleh

the graphics were fine
I played a wizard and combat was really boring and I really disliked doing weird combinations to use spells
and questing was really bad, I had 15 quests in a row where I just ran person to person I was bored to tears
and crafting was very unsatisfying

I was so sad , I wanted to fall in love with the game but it had nothing redeeming about it


There’s a tremendous amount of redeeming qualities to Black Desert but honestly it sounds more like you wanted a really guided experience and that’s not what BDO is about as a game. Everything in BDO is more about a large overarching goal and progression like a marathon rather than a sprint. However if your goals are small or short term then you’re not going to get much out of the game.

Michael Hawes

alot of people told me just recently that if I was looking for a deep crafting or questing I was not in the correct place

I guess they said it was more of a PVP free for all game


That isn’t really correct.

Free or all PvP in Black Desert is very harshly punished with the karma system. It incurs heavy penalties that when you die with negative karma you can lose XP, crystals (which are pretty big), and even lose gear ranks if you die in PvE to mobs or guards. I think in 3+ years playing PC I’ve run into less than 10 actual full on red PK players. There’s no reward for it, so it’s all just risk and no reward. That doesn’t mean PvP doesn’t happen but usually it’s low effort hoping a few kills will drive other people out of the area they’re in.

The quest system in BDO is mostly tied to the contribution system and is a means to generate contribution. Contribution can be used for a variety of things, mostly world investment such as investing in towns for increased storage or work shops to craft various items. They also boosted the XP you gain from quests now too. However the quests aren’t really anything special. There’s a Black Spirit quest line for each area that goes over the basic story, but the rest of the quests are largely just simple fetch quests or kill quests. Not much depth there, but I don’t really find depth in any game’s questing system.

The crafting system has incredible depth and inter-connectivity. However if you’re looking for something that’s very interactive (IE: some sort of whack-a-mole system where you gotta play simon says to craft an item) that isn’t BDO. BDO’s depth is similar to EVE in that everything has pretty good value and those who know how to read the economy, do their spreadsheets, and get their skills where they need to be can rake in huge swathes of cash money. However you have to work at it, and you have to get supporting skills. For example early on making Balenos Fishing Rods are huge because everyone likes to AFK fish. However that requires high processing, it requires alchemy to make metal solvents, and it requires researching how to get the mats to fuel all that.