WoW Classic’s PvP server community is already at war over streamers

Very mature.

Browsing the subreddit for World of Warcraft: Classic will pretty quickly reveal something about the community as it exists now. Specifically, a lot of these people do not like streamers, like, at all. It’s hard to pin down why, but this post outlining an “anti-streamer addon” called “The Blacklist” serves as a good starting point for understanding the degree to which players are apparently bound and determined to make sure that servers are unfriendly to anyone streaming the game.

Apparently, the prevailing belief is that streamers will have large followings rolling on the servers for them specifically, clogging up the population with fans and/or engaging in dramatic antics or zerg PvP. Obviously, this logic suggests, the best thing to do is to repeatedly gank streamers while they’re streaming, making them look ridiculous instead of cool and driving them off of servers.

If this strikes you as somewhat ridiculous and unnecessary (like, say, because “cool” is not a non-renewable resource), you are probably not on board for this. Heck, if you recognize that the overall plan seems to basically be textbook harassment that could get you banned by Blizzard’s terms of service, you are probably not on board with this. But if you’ve just been wondering why this animosity is there and why this addon has cropped back up in headlines, well, now you know.

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The only thing I dislike over this addon is that small streamers will also be targeted and they have none to a very small impact on a server. But I can absolutely understand that people do not want to play on a server where big streamers are. I am lucky since I can play on one of the national classic servers and do not need to play on an English one.

Now this Addon and the creators of the addon sound pretty toxic and unfortunately I believe this is necessary, people like Asmondgold only understand that kind of language since he and his community are like the same. Afaik the streamers now committed to play on one server in Na and this is Faerlina. If this commitment is the result of the announcement of the addon and the actions that will follow, it was completely worth it.

Jiminy Smegit

Am not a big fan of Asmongold and his shallow DNA pool, white nationalist following but even so, the streamer hatred has gone a little too far. The streamers made a concerted effort to all go on to one server. People hating the streamers remind me of people in small tourist towns that hate tourists, even when they are responsible for their entire livelihood.

The streamers may not be paying for your WoW experience but the business they generate through their streams kind of is, in a roundabout way. If lots of people play Classic, it will be well supported by Blizz and the streamers bring in a lot of people with them.

Jeff Risu Dailey

Streamers go to the PVP servers. I go to the RP server. Nice and quiet and generally much nicer people.


Now imagine being a female streamer as well.

I’m an old school ganker/griefer, but it was always people I met in game who I felt slighted me with a player interaction or ganked in the competitive spirit of the game.

This new era of gamers going out of their way to harass people they never met before simply on the basis of having a successful gaming community is very disturbing. I hope Blizzard takes a hard stance against this type of toxicity. It has no place in the competitive spirit of PvP games.

Robert Mann

People chase fame and wealth, whether to try to get a slice of the pie or to try to get some sort of revenge upon injustices they perceive (real or not). It’s a real problem. But it’s not a streamer specific problem. Instead it’s a world stupidity problem.

You don’t solve that with more stupidity. I don’t think there are legal or ethics means with which to solve that.

Randy Savage

lol streamers

Michael Hawes

as a streamer my self I’m worried about playing classic, I dont have a large following and dont really have any “dedicated” fans
I am worried I’ll be lumped into that section of bad streamers and people will try to ban me or troll me

I hope the community will start seeing that not all streamers are toxic and some really just want to have fun

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Dean Greenhoe

PvP is PvP. No matter if they are streaming of not. If you don’t like em, fight em. If your guild can’t compete with them ally with others against them. The community is more than capable of balancing things out. If any one org gets to powerful on a server, streamer or not, people will change servers and allow them to lord over the emptiness they created. Perceived problem solved.

Bruno Brito

No matter if they are streaming of not.

You really don’t understand how powerful a big time streamer can be, do you?

John Mclain

Don’t play wow, never have, never will. But I do rather despise streamers myself so I can understand where they are coming from, though for different reasons. Mostly I strongly dislike the personality that’s associated with streamer types. (Abusive, egotistical, sociopathic cult leader types.) Sure there are some decent ones out there, but they are in the single percentile. I don’t go about trying to destroy them or anything idiotic like that, but I would definitely use something like this “blacklist” if it existed for a game I do play. If I had the means to simply remove them from interacting in any way with me, I’d use it.

Bruno Brito

I have no horse on this race. Don’t care about streamers, and i’ll avoid them since i’ll play on a RP-PvP server and a PvE one.

I can see how avoiding them is something to be desired tho. They have too much power when their following is huge. Swifty and Asmon are capable of Dc’ing an entire server on a whim. They’re also capable of pointing their fingers to someone and that person will be ganked to hell and back for hours.

A huge part of these Streamers will acquire valuable items first, because of this following. If watching this people is fun for the followers, be my guest to play with them. I’m not going to delay my stuff for people who don’t give a shit about me.


You should give Classic a try, it’s gonna be really fun.