EverQuest II drops GU111 next week, EverQuest gets an ice shader, and Daybreak gauges fan event interest


Daybreak’s updated the EverQuest and EverQuest II communities this week with what’s next for both games. EverQuest II, for example, is preparing for GU111 Carnage in Kael, and it’s coming sooner than anticipated – next week on August 27th, in fact. Hmm, isn’t something else happening that day? Probably no big deal, right?

“It wasn’t originally planned for the year, but the team stayed late and snuck in on weekends to give you more content to chew up as we work on the expansion and events!” Daybreak’s Holly Longdale says. “There is a giant-sized tankard of events as we head into our 15th Anniversary and expansion season.” The studio’s also promising to bump the level cap with the upcoming December expansion (complete with a tease for the new location up in the pic above).

Over in classic EverQuest, the team is celebrating a proper ice shader now accessible in the game’s ancient codebase, plus news for progression servers and a promise of a level hike to 115 when its own expansion comes out by the end of the year. Both games are currently running past expansion sales right now.

Finally, remember back in January when Daybreak teased the possibility of resurrecting a fan event akin to the old SOE Live? The idea’s not a dead one, as it turns out, in spite of all the weird behind-the-scenes movement at the company lately; Daybreak has posted a survey to get a feel for player interest right here.

Source: EQ, EQII. Thanks, Wilhelm and Flatline!
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