Blizzard warns people off overcrowded WoW Classic servers (again)


You can almost hear the desperation rising in Blizzard’s voice as the studio witnesses the avalanche of humanity flooding onto World of Warcraft Classic’s servers to make characters — and in the process, vastly overloading some of the shards.

The studio put out another warning yesterday for players to get the heck off three of the PvP realms or else face the dreaded Queue Monster. “Each of the Full realms has a LOT of characters to the extent that it may be more than can fit into the queue system,” Blizzard posted. “At this time, based on their expected population and queues, we strongly advise people to move off the following realms: Herod (PvP), Faerlina (PvP), and Whitemane (PvP).”

Meanwhile, famous raiding guild Method announced that it is aiming to host a world first race to down Onyxia and Ragnaros once WoW Classic goes live early next week. It’s mostly a leveling race to get enough level 60s to field full 40-player raid teams. The whole event will be livestreamed from August 26th through September 2nd.

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