Final Fantasy XIV buffs up job potencies in patch 5.08

Yes, we're all very impressed over here.

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV has arrived, but it’s not one of the game’s immense content patches. No, this one is all about giving a variety of jobs some serious potency bumps. Ninja and Samurai have all seen improvements across the board for weaponskill combos, with Ninja also getting a boost to its Bunshin ability and Samurai boasting a shorter recast for Hissatsu: Kaiten. Summoner has also seen an adjustment buffing the flat damage of the various Ruin spells while removing damage increases for having Bio and Miasma on the target.

The patch also includes various bug fixes and quality of life improvements, so even if you don’t play one of the aforementioned jobs, you can still appreciate, say, Hrothgar being displayed properly wearing the Darklight Cowl of Healing. Meanwhile, YouTube user TheHiveLeader has begun a series of recaps on the story of FFXIV from start to the present, so if you either skipped past all the story cutscenes along the way to the level cap or just want a refresher course, you can check that out below.

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