The Daily Grind: What was the last MMO that you regretted quitting?


Last spring, I made a hard call: I finally decided that I wasn’t playing Ultima Online enough to justify a sub. That’s not just a matter of turning off the credit card in this case; it means letting go my house and my house spot on an overpopulated game server. It’s gone. Someone else has got it now. There’s no undo button for that.

I’ve made this decision several times before with UO, mind you. I sold off my accounts (for quite a lot of money!) right around the time Dark Age of Camelot came out. I went back later. I repeated that pattern for other games along the way too – that house up above, for example, was one I let fall back in the Kingdom Reborn era, which is why the graphics are odd. Then I canceled my account and dropped my hard-won Atlantic home right after my son was born, since I was sure I was finally done. I wasn’t. I went back again. And again. And again.

This last time, I determined that I was getting most of my sandboxy feels from SWG Legends, so I could let go Ultima Online and my house. And… now I regret it. I kinda want to play and check out the new stuff Broadsword’s added this year, and I wish I had a home to go back to. I don’t relish weeks of plot hunting and decorating, assuming I can even find something big enough for all my stuff, just to dip my toe back in. It’s a barrier to entry.

What was the last MMO that you regretted quitting?

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Fervor Bliss

Actually never. There is always fresh content out there.
When a game quit me is another story.
When they no longer liked the gameplay style they had, and switch to something else. (pointing at LOTRO)
Plenty of different fish in the sea.


There are some I wish I had stayed more or wishing I hadnt taken a break but what is done is done.

For UO the little I have played it, it felt like a more laid back type of sandbox that doesnt rush you like most modern games. The first time I played it, there were more people around on Europa and one kindly asked me if I had a house yet and gave a keep(and you know I like keeps, shown my SotA houses before) and even made me a book to teleport there and a few other places. But 1 month after capital controls(back then) came to Greece and all credit cards got blocked. So I just played till my 3 months worth of sub run out. If I had a choice I would had stayed back then.


Like others, I don’t quite MMOs. If I stop playing an MMO I will always reserve the right to come back. Heh.

There is one and only one exception, Repopulation. I quit that game outright and I refuse to go back even though I contributed via Kickstarter. I regret supporting that game and consequently Idea Fabrik.


ESO, BDO and GW2 always come to mind. Those are nice MMOs I used to play a lot more than I do now, because of lack of time. I do get back to them from time to time, though


That is pretty easy to answer. WildStar. It was the best MMORPG for me. But I was very stupid and I jumped onto every new shiny game and quit WS many times. And in the end, I realized that it will shut down.
I think this is the case when you only realize how precious was something when you lose it.


I am a pretty difficult person :) I need to like many things in an mmorpg to play it for long. I need to love the combat, the art style, the humor and the overall feeling of the game. And I love raiding. So WS was really perfect for me. And I threw it away…
(This starts sounding like a lost relationship, really :D)

Kickstarter Donor

I have never quit any game on a whim only ever for reasons. As such I do not have any regrets in regard to any MMO I have quit per se.
Although Have felt regret that certain MMO’s have done the things they have done or chosen to go in the directions they have chosen that led to the creation of the feeling of need for me to quit them…but that is their cross to bare, not mine ;)


None really. I left them because I lost interest or for various other reasons, but most of the time it’s because I lost interest and they didn’t have enough staying power.

Now, as for MMOs I wish I didn’t have to quit due to sleazy money grubbing shenanigans or bad choices on the devs’ end, there’s definitely many I can think of. RIFT and LotRO are two of the biggest ones.

Kickstarter Donor

Final Fantasy XIV. I don’t regret the fact of quitting because I burned out hard on the game mid-Stormblood, but trying to go back to it I feel the weight of all the gameplay that I need to either re-learn or re-accomplish crushing me.

Maggie May

I played reborn and worked my butt off to get a house, before expansion …. left, my house that cost me a ton of time, I lost. I miss the game but ….

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Lineage 2

I don’t necessarily regret leaving these games, more that I wish I wasn’t forced to leave these games because of bad decisions made by the developers/publishers of that particular game.

I think the one I most wish would have done better is BDO and ArcheAge. Both of these games had brilliant potential. AA is at least trying to fulfill that potential now with Unchained.

Nick // Genghis

I would have played BDO until my eyes bled and I died from starvation, but the enhancement progression and mindnumbingly easy and just in general bad PvE made me step away. Everytime I see a commercial or something that reminds me of BDO I ALWAYS think about the masterclass world building and atmosphere from the game and the combat especially, and then I remember all the bad stuff and realized I’m better off despite loving a lot about the game.

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