Cube World is back, and this time it’s launching on Steam this fall


Hey, remember Cube World? The blocky, sandboxy Minecraft clone from Picroma was a big deal when it hit paid alpha waaaaay back in 2013. We loved it, and several us foolishly bought it in early access alpha, visions of massively multiplayer dancing in our heads. But over the years, it became clear that the buy-to-play game we’d bought to play was not the developer’s top priority, and it dips in and out of abandonware status over and over. Kotaku said the studio disappeared for six years, but that’s not really accurate: Earlier this year, for example, developer Wolfram von Funck once again resurfaced, just as he did in 2017 and 2016 and 2015, to post a dev update and comment on the fact that he’d taken the game’s purchasing options offline.

Surprise surprise, he’s back once again. But this time, he’s promising a Steam launch this fall.

Massively multiplayer, do note, is not listed as a planned feature anymore, at least on Steam, but online co-op is there.

And yes, it does look as if previous purchasers (yay me) will be getting the game on Steam too. “Yes, owners of the alpha will get Steam keys,” he tweeted.

Source: Twitter, Steam via Kotaku
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