2013 voxelbox Cube World is apparently back in development, again-again


Last week, in the comments of our podcast ranting on early access, reader TomTurtle brought up the fate of Cube World. The blocky, sandboxy MineCraft-like from Picroma was a big deal when it hit paid alpha back in 2013. We thought it was charming and stuffed with MMO potential when we played it – indeed, massively multiplayer remains on the development agenda. But even in our preview piece, a narrative was already taking shape: This game gets developed in spurts and then becomes abandonware for a year and then is taken up again, making everyone who bought it – including me – feel primarily regret, followed by a compulsion to go play Trove, which in comparison looks positively stable.

Anyway, all of this is to say that developer Wolfram von Funck has once again resurfaced, just as he did in 2017 and 2016 and 2015, to post screenshots and development updates on the game. It’s the first update in over a year and a half. His notes say he’s added flight masters to all the towns, a gem-trading gnome, and resurrection shrines. Do note that the game’s test client is no longer for sale on the official site, at least barring a client update, so the only folks who can peek are those who bought it way back when.

Source: Twitter, Instagram. Thanks, DK!
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