Elite Dangerous’ new tutorial and new shop currency are live today


My own experience with getting started in Elite: Dangerous went pretty smoothly, but I contend that the tutorials I went through could have been a bit better. With today’s update, that refinement looks to be applied along with some other quality-of-life features.

The new tutorial is fully voiced in the player’s local language and fully guided, taking new Commanders through all of the basics of flight, combat, hyperspace jumps, supercruise, and landing procedures. Each item will highlight the relevant UI needed to complete the task, ultimately leading new players to the mission board to begin their in-game careers.

The other headlining feature is the replacement of Frontier Points store currency with ARX. As one would expect, this currency is purchasable via different packs, but ARX can also be earned from combat, trade, and exploration activities, up to a weekly cap of 400 ARX.

Today’s update will also offer up several tweaks including the ability to have flight assist adjust supercruise velocity when approaching a destination, an on-screen prompt to tell you what button disengages supercruise when you’re in the safe zone, a livery update that makes it easier to know which decals are which, and a new customization store to check out and preview all of the cosmetics your ARX can purchase, including model viewers of any ship to see what it all will look like in the end. There’s also a number of bug fixes.

All of the details are in the patch notes. You can also get a look at the update’s content from a broadcast this past Thursday below.

sources: press release, official site, YouTube

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Finally got in after a 3.8 GB update. This new tutorial was needed ages ago. Still, It’s easy to follow, concise, explains the basics and looks pretty.

Top Shift 116 – New Beginnings – For a walk through

Nick // Genghis

Hey for all those folks that were salty the game didn’t tell you anything at the onset, here ya go…

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Tobasco da Gama

400 ARX a week isn’t going to get you many shipkits, but the decals and paintjobs are within grasp via gameplay. That’s a big improvement over the current state of cosmetics, if you ask me.