The Daily Grind: Has a class spec or overhaul ever saved an MMO character for you?

The Daily Grind: Has a class spec or overhaul ever saved an MMO character for you?

Thieves and rogues and backstabby stealthy types don’t usually do much for me in MMORPGs. Oh sure, I play a stealth thief in literally every Elder Scrolls game, but in MMOs? Nah, most of the fun bits of playing a rogue are either absent or fluff, and stealth and positional combat just slow down progression.

But every once in a while, an MMO figures out a way to make a class I normally hate turn into something I adore. Lately, I’ve been playing my long-abandoned Guild Wars 2 Thief with the Daredevil spec, and it brought the character from the bottom of my roster to… well, not to the tippy top, but to the top third, let’s say. She went from a mule to a character I actually play! And it’s entirely because the Daredevil elite spec makes the class a badass staff-twirling monk with epic animations for the Asura.

Has a class spec or overhaul ever saved an MMO character for you?

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Robert Mann

Seen so many builds ruined… and very few really improved much. Usually balance adjustments are the way to go, and if there’s a niche to fill you add a spec or class to fill it.

The big issue here is that if you need an overhaul to save these things you had a class that you failed on.

*This my opinion as somebody who would rather not see classes and levels in my next MMO, alongside more other things than just combat.*


Not really. There have been good class overhauls that improved a class I already liked, class overhauls I was indifferent to and class overhauls that utterly destroyed a class for me.

But in no case has it ever turned a class I disliked into one I liked. Mostly it has just ruined them.

Zanny Pants

Holy priest in WoW, I think it was in Cataclysm. Big rework and gave them chakra stances. One improved single target heals, another improved AoE heals, and the third improved damage. And changing stances had a CD, so you had to time it correctly. Absolutely loved it. But much like every build I enjoyed in that game, they eventually dumb it down so much it removes any enjoyment.


For me, I like DoT based specs with disease, poison and fire. Just when I was getting bored with ESO they release the Necromancer. Game changer for me and got me back playing. Even role playing now that I was able to play the way I enjoy. To be fair, the need better DoTs but I take what I can get.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I’d say the Guardian class in LOTRO got better bleeds and aoe attacks at one point. But I wouldn’t say that saved the class for me; I always enjoyed the Guardian’s in your face tankiness. What it did do was make it slightly faster to level, so that was more fun.

But LOTRO also made the Champion unplayable on two separate occasions and my main guy had to sit out some fun content because he was completely gimped. One does not mess with the shing-shing.


I haven’t seen one saved. But I have seen them ruined like many others have. I have had some quality of life changes before though that made playing my class more enjoyable. Aion 5.6 gave the templar class a frontal cleave attack with good dmg that made the class really fun, but I still played before I could access the skill and was perfectly happy.


I’ve only ever seen classes get more basic / simple over time, which is the opposite of what I want.

If the changes are just to numbers (buffs/nerfs) then they basically don’t affect me. Changes to numbers only effect me if the combat system is really shallow (which means the numbers are more important than the player) and I won’t stick with a shallow combat system anyway.


Save? No. Not really. I like alts so I never shelve a toon completely unless it is a duplicate. So…

I suppose it is a matter of degree. Some class changes have made me play a particular toon more often, that is true. But the toon was never really in trouble.

On the other hand, class changes across the board have ruined games.


No, but they have ruined several. SWG NGE, Wow Cataclysm (as a Feral Druid player), and ESO’s most recent race and class changes (specifically for Bosmer Nightblades) immediately come to mind.

And I really think Developers should note that.


…they have been known to have the reverse effect for me. :(