Final Fantasy XIV’s GARO collaboration ends with patch 5.1; get your rewards now

Oh no, manchildren!

You remember the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration with GARO, right? It’s hard to forget it; where else can you get an invisible shield, mechanical ponies, and a whole lot of armor or leather for your chosen job? Well, as has been announced before, this collaboration is ending when patch 5.1 launches at some point later this month (either October 22nd or 29th), so the developers have reminded players once again to earn your rewards now because they can’t be earned after the patch.

This is important to note: You cannot earn the achievements to unlock the mounts post-patch, so there’s no grace period once the collaboration ends. Of course, all of this content has been in the game for quite some time, so you certainly have had time to pick up these rewards; if there are still some you want, however, be sure to finish working on them sooner rather than later. Once the patch arrives, you can’t get it any more.

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I actually just got my Raigo mount yesterday. Just need 3 more Feast wins to get Goten. Less than 300 wolf marks away from having the full WAR set, and then I just need the full DRG set + the AST weapon; then ofc need to get them to 60. WAR is currently 57, DRG is 41, AST is 36. Should be easy enough to finish in another week or two.

Though I’m fairly certain they’ll post the 5.1 splash page two weeks in advance? Or at least I thought that’s the usual trend is to put up the basic information two weeks ahead of time.


I can live without this stuff….I can live without this stuff…I can live without this stuff….

(I’d started playing WoW Classic with my wife (who hasn’t played since vanilla) and my sons (who haven’t played since really WotLK and are now early 20s).
I find that I really don’t enjoy flip-flopping from one MMO to another, so gave my FC notice that I’d be on hiatus for 3-4 months to focus on just playing with my family and am having a GREAT time. But damned if the week after I told the FC I was stepping away for a while, this whole thing didn’t just came out with easy tokens and pretty sweet rewards. /cry.
Ah well, maybe there will be some other event in the future I can get some of this. Or, actually, I don’t really NEED it anyway?
I’m sure I don’t.
I just have to keep telling myself that….)


FWIW 5.1 probably won’t land till the 29th of this month.
(Live letter on the 18th, + 7-14 days runtime on the trailer, pick the Tuesday that falls in that slot and you get the 29th)