Garbled pirate transmissions are playing in Star Citizen’s 3.7.1 PTU


While the primary purpose of alpha 3.7.1 in Star Citizen is to test random asteroid interdiction, that apparently doesn’t mean that CIG isn’t eager to inject a little intriguing mystery into the game. Numerous players are reporting a series of static-filled pirate transmissions at various points in the Stanton system.

The majority of the messages, as collected in this group of videos (make sure you unmute), are mostly static or other forms of interstellar interference, but the opening broadcast alerts “People of Stanton, a great injustice” before once more dipping into an audio mess.

As one would expect, speculation is running wild. Some people attribute the static to alien language, which leads many to believe that Port Olisar is under threat of a Vanduul attack. One redditor points to other activities happening in alpha testing such as a large-scale test in Arena Commander and developers reportedly kicking off in-game events. For my part, while listening to one of the collected pirate broadcasts, I think I picked out the words “Your votes must” through the noise, which hints at something more political and less alien attack-y.

In either case, this little extra bit of flair could be the start of some significant reveals for CitizenCon.

source: Reddit via Twitter, thanks DK for the tip!
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