Garbled pirate transmissions are playing in Star Citizen’s 3.7.1 PTU


While the primary purpose of alpha 3.7.1 in Star Citizen is to test random asteroid interdiction, that apparently doesn’t mean that CIG isn’t eager to inject a little intriguing mystery into the game. Numerous players are reporting a series of static-filled pirate transmissions at various points in the Stanton system.

The majority of the messages, as collected in this group of videos (make sure you unmute), are mostly static or other forms of interstellar interference, but the opening broadcast alerts “People of Stanton, a great injustice” before once more dipping into an audio mess.

As one would expect, speculation is running wild. Some people attribute the static to alien language, which leads many to believe that Port Olisar is under threat of a Vanduul attack. One redditor points to other activities happening in alpha testing such as a large-scale test in Arena Commander and developers reportedly kicking off in-game events. For my part, while listening to one of the collected pirate broadcasts, I think I picked out the words “Your votes must” through the noise, which hints at something more political and less alien attack-y.

In either case, this little extra bit of flair could be the start of some significant reveals for CitizenCon.

source: Reddit via Twitter, thanks DK for the tip!

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This has nothing to do with the Vanduul, it sounds more like some political revolution Talk, probably against the Hurston family, if not the UEE itself probably coming from Levski which is a Hub of revolutionary Outcasts and pirates.


It’s interesting. Port Olisar (the original hub in the game) is eventually scheduled to be replaced with the newer, shinier stations they’ve made recently – perhaps that’s coming sooner than we thought?

Another interesting thing is that Levski, on the moon of Delamar doesn’t really belong in the Stanton system – it’s supposed to be in the Nyx system, and it’s run by the “People’s Alliance” – a group of folks who left the Empire during one of it’s more repressive regimes.

Obviously Levski’s going to just go “poof” someday without an in-lore explanation, because it’s not supposed to be there, but there’s nothing to stop them from from having some fun with it. And Olisar’s days are numbered – so having someone/something blow it up in-game would be a fine excuse for its replacement.

Or it might just be stuff around the UEE Imperator – their last lore post had some criminal shenanigans around a candidate for the Imperator that wants to move the UEE capitol from Earth to Prime – her tour got postponed, and the Advocacy is asking for the public’s help.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to further developments – mysteries are fun.

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someone pointed out somewhere the in universe UEE elections are coming up in the ongoing “real time” analogue time line they’ve got set up for the lore of the game (basically the ongoing story of the game is ongoing right now).

and could be related to this.

to say this whole kind of thing could be super awkward from a real life not so great game type set up is understating it perhaps if it is UEE election thing, but we’ll see how it goes.

and just some background on the political lore – UEE is the terran human empire in game. citizenship/the right to vote is not universal amongst even humans. oligarchies largely rule localy, in particular stanton, and thus far out of the more fleshed out of those coporate oligarchs is probably hurston dynamics which hurston is a crushing totalitarian fiefdom of sorts for it’s inhabitants, but with a stolid resistance (which lawful combat players are often tasked with fighting through bounty and other missions offered while in hurston planetary system)>

there’s some various other radical fringe/resistance type groups in stanton currently *(which technicalyl the one based in delamar doesn’t count as that location should be in nyx eventually but idk if they’ll ever actually do that changeroo), in particular the grim hex folks. not to much about crusader industries but kind of figures with the current state of the game and in particular the state of crusader systems and general lack of presense of the company in game (via ships for example) so far the planet system would be more hands off than hurston, (even though there’s plenty of anti pirate and anti crusader secutiy missions on either side of the law there).

anyways very neat stuff. kind of reminds me of ARGs and mmo relevancy wise – some of TSW’s quests. i like that so far it’s more of an open ended thing like ARGs typically are as opposed to in TSW being a quest you take. makes it more organic. though certainly could see some kind of chain quest or something come of this. it’ll probably end up in a sales event though knowing CIG :D