Destiny 2’s Eververse cash shop begins to invade the game once again


There’s just something about Destiny 2 repeating its own history. Think back to 2017, when the game’s Dawning holiday event caused a furor over its Eververse offerings outshining the things players could earn in-game. Now recall 2018, where Bungie promised that they would shift the balance of new content in favor of activity rewards over Bright Engrams. Now, here we are in 2020, and it would appear that Bungie’s back on that microtransaction-happy horse.

A variety of players on the game’s subreddit have decried the pervasive nature of the Eververse, noting that most of the exotic ships, sparrows, and ghosts are either tied to the in-game cash shop or the battle pass. The 2019 Dawning event has most of its cosmetics on the Eververse shelf, and if you want to get the whole lot, you’ve got to shell out $220.

There’s yet to be any official response from Bungie about Destiny 2’s latest cash shop kerfuffle, save for a dev response to one Reddit thread a month ago explaining that players wanted past season items in the Iron Banner and that feedback regarding armor vendor refreshes would be passed on. As of this writing, there hasn’t been a dev blog from Bungie since December 19th, likely owing to the holiday season.

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A cash shop on top of paid expansions and paid season pass in a free2try game? I bet they are making much more money now compared to the buy2try period. After all, F2P games are earning x5 more.

MMO business as usual, nothing to see here, move along.

Hikari Kenzaki

So… games that have cash shop holiday/event items.

Black Desert
Blade and Soul
Secret World Legends
Fallout 76
Guild Wars 2

You know… this might be easier to list the games that don’t.

Danny Smith

Destiny is an interesting example because its almost like a game thats transitioned audiences. For the PC crowd for example Eververse has always been there, funpay minibuys and surprise mechanics have been part of the games core ecosystem and balancing and its a system they are unfortunately very used to in the age of “heres on disc content, maybe you see it but you can pay real money for the jpg right now” and thats a very different audience to the one Destiny -the thing they were selling people on back on the -PS3/xbox 360 advertised.

This was, once upon a time, a buy to play game like Halo or Borderlands or Diablo. The most microtransactions would go for is to buy a new expansion pack. There was a shitstorm when a energy drink promotion gave someone a exclusive gear shader because it was something you couldn’t get by playing when everything else you could. Eververse wasn’t a problem because until The Taken King it didn’t exist. The game didn’t have a ingame store at all.

From the moment it arrived it stuck in peoples craw. These were fans of Halo and Bungie in an age where Bungie left halo to developers taking it in a very bad direction with its own additions like “req packs” to sell weapons and vehicles as random trading card draws from quasi loot boxes. Destiny was meant to be the safe escape from it all. That clearly didn’t last.

So on one hand you have a different audience that largely came in with Destiny 2 seeing nothing wrong with eververse as paying for textures has been how they have been treated by every big budget game since TF2 went F2P and fully acclimated to it as the norm and then the original Destiny audience who at one point had a game where everything could be earned, there was no time limit and no microtrasnaction store never getting comfortable with it. Its a game trying to server two masters but really thats kind of a metaphor for a lot of the problems Destiny has always had in terms of its weak points i guess.

Hikari Kenzaki

Sounds like you pretty much have it on the head. It’s a game trying to satisfy 2 (or probably 5) different audiences at the same time.


Just so people are aware, the game isn’t entirely free. Only the base campaign up to a certain point is. After that you have to buy the expansions and the season passes. Otherwise you don’t get to play new seasonal content. You have to pay for it. A new season begins roughly every 3 months. You have to buy each season separately as they happen for $10 every time. So it’s B2P with essentially a free demo with a recurring paid pass.

There are also two main gripes that I see coming from players. First is that season pass holders have to pay the same price in the Eververse store as free players. From what I hear, other games give discounts to pass holders and I think this might be a good idea. The pass itself is $10 but a set of cosmetic armor is $15. A 3 pack of finisher emotes is $21. Feels a bit out of whack IMO.

Second gripe I see is that themed cosmetics that seem like it should come from an activity are being put into the store instead. Example would be the Iron Banner emote. You can’t earn the Iron Banner emote from playing Iron Banner. You have to buy it. Same with some of the Scarlet Keep themed items that came with Shadowkeep. Can’t get the Scarlet Keep sparrow or ghost shells from the actual Scarlet Keep. Have to buy them. This leaves less rewards for those activities.

So I think the best compromise would be two fold. One, have some sort of discount for pass holders or perhaps redoing some of the prices. Second would be to have themed items come from the actual activity while non-themed items come from the store.

I don’t think the store itself is a bad thing. I bought the Dawning set for my Titan and love it. I just think it needs a bit of fixing up is all.


Hmm. No. Not this time. The pendulum has swung to far the other way now.

There are no P2W items in the cash shop and and the cosmetics in the cash shop aren’t much to look at.

Event cosmetics in the cash shop is a questionable practice. But I find the in game cosmetic drops to be more than adequate.

So… meh! Get a grip folks and enjoy this game for free!


I started playing Destiny 2 with the “New Light” system with Shadowkeep and I just don’t really understand all the complaints about their cash shop.

A vast majority of their offerings in the cash shop are available for Bright Dust earnable in game. You can get around 1200 Bright Dust from 6 weeklies and currently there’s an infinitely repeatables as well that reward 10 each time. Is that enough Bright Dust to buy all the things? No but why is that the expectation? You certainly get enough to get plenty of stuff for free and there’s even handy posts that let you plan accordingly.

Personally due to the dawning event I’ve made thousands of Bright Dust just baking cookies. I’ve also made a tremendous amount of experience of which every 5 levels I get a free lootbox that rewards me past ships, shaders, exotic skins, and emotes to the point I’ve never once felt like it’s impossible to have a decent looking character/setup. I honestly haven’t even felt the need to purchase any loot boxes because the game just showers you with them for free which is a huge divergence from other games out there.

I’ve just kinda chalked the complaints up to people resisting change or liking things how they used to be. It’s the same reason you see a lot of complaints about bounties/seasonal content and people not liking all that vs what they used to get. From a newer perspective everything is pretty great, especially compared to other examples on the market. LOL these people would lose their mind if they saw something like Path of Exile where literally 99% of all cosmetics are cash shop based with 3 token cosmetics each league if you go all out.

Kevin Smith

There is nothing in the cash shop in this game that you have to have. As for the stuff being in the pass, think that is a benefit of showing support for a game that is F2P that should be there. So many entitled people today think they should get everything without having to support he company that makes the games. How are they suppose to make new content or update the game for you without an influx of cash? If you are crying about only cosmetics being for sell them maybe you have other problems that you need to look at. Don’t start pointing to ghost shells an saying well they have this buff or that because you can get all the same types of shells just playing the game, they just don’t look the same.


Isn’t this f2p now? If they don’t sell cosmetics how are they supposed to support maintenance related expenses?


Sorry it’s cosmetics. I’m with Bungie in this one

Ian Wells

Believe it or not, cosmetics are a large part of what motivates a lot of players through late game and end game content. Hunting for that one item or skin that you have been coveting since you saw some max level player running around with back when you were a lowbie is a big deal to some people, as its obtaining that item that makes them feel like they accomplished what they set out to do. They care less about optimization and more about looking dapper. For others, its like a badge of honor – it tells others that they were there and they did that and now they get to sport this.

For the latter type of player, locking event cosmetics behind a pay wall is particularly grievous sin, as it means any shlub can get their hands on it so long as they are willing to pay $15 for it. What motivation do they have to take part in the events if the best thing they can get is a pale imitation of what they are really after?

In short, selling event exclusive goods in the cash shop and not making them obtainable in game demotivates casuals and offends dedicated players. The only people it serves are the whales, and it sends a message that any other player simply doesn’t factor in to the development decisions anymore.


I’m going to echo the sentiments of some of the other posters here. If you don’t want them to charge for cosmetics, how do you want them to make money? Switch to subscription model? Thats not going to happen.

Nathan Aldana

By the same token though, if the cash shop is the only way to get the cosmetics you want, then why bother playing?


Because playing the game normally gives you avenues of getting cash shop cosmetics such as infinite amount of Bright Engrams from leveling and a variety of sources of Bright Dust that can be used to purchase vast majority of cosmetics in the shop?

Also many other games also offer a similar system, such as Path of Exile virtually all cosmetic options are in the cash shop, and that doesn’t stop them from crushing it number wise so one could argue many people don’t see a cash shop based cosmetic system as bad enough of an issue to stop playing.