World of Warcraft begins Visions of N’Zoth countdown, WoW Classic preps Blackwing Lair


Are you ready to rumble with the old gods and old dragons? There’s a whole lot happening with both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic over the next month, so here’s what you need to know to get ready for the big content dumps in both games.

For World of Warcraft, Patch 8.3: Visions of N’Zoth is arriving on January 14th. The content update contains the Ny’alotha raid, a legendary cloak, more questlines, and the Vulpera and Mechagnome allied races. Blizzard posted a schedule of post-launch happenings, including the start of PvP Season 4 and the opening of the new raid on January 21st.

WoW Classic players are going to have to wait a little while longer for their big day in the sun (or more precisely, the mountain). On February 12th, the legacy servers will unlock Blackwing Lair, level 50 class quests, and five reputation reward vendors. There will be things to do before that patch, such as hammering out your Blackwing attunement (which you can start on today) and partaking in the debut of Darkmoon Faire on February 10th.

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

It’s crazy to witness Blizz’s two WoW games competing with each other. What if one WoW destroys the population of the other WoW? Crazy, man!


Wonder if they are ever going to release all allied races. The grind is so awful. Got the Dwarves and the Orcs. Tried for the Tauren but started to feel sick from the boredom. Feel so bummed out.


Again, the alliance have to do dungeon to unlock the allied race, this time mythic dungeon, it’ll be heroic soon, but still, the horde unlocking their allied races without going into single dungeon.

I want to understand why.

Patreon Donor

I’m assuming it’s the same reason all the Horde hubs in this expansion are a pain in the ass and the Alliance hubs are quick and easy to navigate? lol