Albion Online is fixing up Elite Dungeon loot and fame along with Hideout issues


The Queen update forĀ Albion Online is a big one; it’s arguably something of a killer. Unfortunately it also killed a few things it really wasn’t supposed to, according to a new post on the official forums. For example, it killed the Fame and loot rewards for Elite Dungeons, which feel underpowered now and are getting re-adjusted soon. It also killed a more even loot distribution between party members, resulting in scenarios wherein one player got lots of stuff and another got almost nothing, so that’s being adjusted soon as well.

The other major issue that the developers have noticed is that Hideouts are being demolished as fast as construction begins, which is fine when hideouts are being used as forward attack stations but not so fine when players are just trying to establish any foothold. The result will be changes to hideout visibility, so encroaching guilds still don’t get a free pass to have a forward station but other players can build in relative peace. The full post goes into more detail about how these adjustments will work.


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