Phantasy Star Online 2 is confirmed for Steam, according to its own game manual


Sometimes it pays to comb through an official game website.

Cyber-sleuths looking for any and all scraps of information about Phantasy Star Online 2 recently discovered an interesting tidbit in the game’s manual. Apparently in addition to an Xbox and normal PC launch, PSO2 will roll out on Steam as well. So that’s good news for those who like to organize their MMOs on that platform — and for a widespread release of this anime title.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is kicking off its Xbox closed beta in North America this Friday, February 7th. The free-to-play title will have an open beta at some point after that and should launch in “spring 2020.”

Source: Silicon Era

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I read the title of this article and ponder why in year 2020 do games still have manuals.

Castagere Shaikura

Trying not to get to hyped for this. We have zero ideas on how this will play out when it does launch. So tired of pumping myself up for games before we know anything.


Depends on if it’ll be up to par with the JP version (which has been getting regular updates for 8 years) and what its monetization will be like.

IronSalamander8 .

I admit I don’t know a lot about Phantasy Star beyond the original Master System game (which was quite good). It looks like it has potential though.


I’m a bit concerned that it’s taken 8 years for them to port it over to us but I’m hoping that means there are 8 years worth of updates and new content in the game as well!

The game is free to play, which brings up some concerns over if it’s using outdated free to play models that have morphed and changed over the years here.

I’m reading that the Japanese version does the monetization really well and it’s about cosmetics, personal rooms, etc. The same article says that the Chinese and Southeast-Asia versions put pay to win mechanics and items in the game though.

Although the definition varies from person to person and some people definitely get it wrong, I’m really done with the no ceiling pay to win stuff. That is the actual pay to win where the more you pay the more advantage you get with either no ceiling or a roof that’s into the hundreds of dollars or more (more often than not it’s into the thousands).

I’m fine with some simple thing where everybody can get a topped out boost for a modest $15 a month. Small amounts of money for paid subs that have little boosts are not pay to win, as much as the leechers want to try and claim that kind of thing is.


Main issue with the monetization last I checked with the JP version was that you were only given one Mag slot for free and you’d have to pay money for additional Mags. Mags were basically similar to their past variants where they were floating companions that you would feed items to in order to boost various stats and those stats would directly boost your own character’s stats. Mags had various evolutions (including special cosmetic ones) and “Photon Blasts” (big flashy summons after charging up a meter) as well.

Class system was initially broken up into three main categories – Hunter (Melee/STR-based), Ranger (Ranged/DEX-based), and Force (Caster/INT-based). Various weapons would have stat reqs on them, and as a result you’d often want to specialize mags for each class. But since you only get a single free one, you’re kind of forced to try and do a balanced stat approach if you aren’t planning to buy more for specializing.

That was the only real issue I had with it. Otherwise the system was pretty fair and you could buy cash shop items off of other players with in-game currency.


It’s a fairly fast-paced action MMO with lots of flashy anime styling. Can feel grindy at times based on my experience with the JP version, but it’s pretty fun and gives a lot of options for customization and playstyle later on.