Guild Wars 2’s Call to Glory balancing update and newbie onboarding patch have arrived

We were the kings and queens of promise.

Happy patch day, Guild Wars 2 players. Time to test out your nerfs and buffs in the flesh. The pixel flesh. You know what I’m trying to say.

Yep, the wide-ranging balancing update that ArenaNet has been talking up for the last few weeks is finally upon us today. The class changes for PvP and PvE won’t be a huge surprise since we’ve had access to those patch notes since last week; as we noted, Rangers and Thieves got the short end of the stick, while other classes are finally getting some much-deserved love. We’re also expecting the new achievement track for newbie onboarding in today’s patch, plus the new Swiss tourneys, mini seasons, armor, and the bear Warclaw mount skin.

ArenaNet said earlier this month that it expects the cadence for small competitive balance adjustments “ideally” every four to six weeks. Our own Fight or Kite columnist Sam Kash previously peeked into the balance patch to suss out why Guild Wars 2’s PvP really needed the effort.


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Dankey Kang

My Dragonhunter is a monster now so I’m happy.

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Some great quality-of-life changes, something I always enjoy in these patches. The PvE profession changes look good to me.

Sadly the new tutorial achievements aren’t too substantial. We still need the game to teach players about crowd control.

Dug From The Earth

the game fails to teach well from the start all the way to the end.

I cant count the number of times people hit end game and have no freaking clue what to do.

Axetwin .

The thing is, CC doesn’t matter until endgame. Teaching someone about it at level 1 means they’ll forget all about it when they hit 80.