EVE Online tours offices as fans debate potential coronavirus impact on Fanfest


MMO players will recall that all throughout 2019, EVE Online studio CCP Games changed up its usual Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland, opting instead to host smaller Fanfest all over the world. Our own Brendan Drain got to attend them all! But as he explained to us, there was an ulterior motive: construction at the convention center, and the studio planning a move. Now, we’re getting a peek at the studio’s new, well, studio.

“It’s been fantastic fourteen years, but in the coming weeks, we’ll be moving our HQ in Reykjavik, Iceland, from Grandi to the new creative hub of Gróska in the heart of the city,” the company tweeted today, alongside a video walkthrough.

In other EVE Online news, the holiday Filaments have returned to the game as of today; they’ll be permanent and come in six variations from here on out. The studio is also working on economy changes for the March 10th patch; the Broker Relations update will overhaul modification fees and add tick size for orders, among multiple other things that economy players will want to read about.

And just because we can’t have nice things, apparently some bright sparks decided it would be hilarious to name their EVE corp C O R O N A V I R U S (ticker [WUH4N]). CCP made them change it. Endless squabbles ensued.

The community is discussing seriously the possibility that this year’s Fanfest might be canceled or underattended, however, over the spreading virus. It’s currently a go for April 2nd through 4th in Reykjavik.

Source: Twitter

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Techno Wizard

We’ll always have the Space Pope wedding and Games Games of 2018 if Fanfest 2020 doesn’t happen.