TERA announces Kaia’s Anvil for PC in March, drops Forsaken Island and auto-fishing for console


TERA fans on PC are getting new dungeons and new rewards for running them with En Masse’s March content update.

“Kaia’s Anvil’ will launch in March, adding two new five-player dungeons, a new level of gear rarity, and updates to their Adventure Coin system, giving players more chances to run dungeons each week for both free and Elite status players,” En Masse announced today. “Players have two new dungeons to explore with this latest update—Forbidden Arena and Corrupted Skynest, five-player dungeons intended for characters level 69 or higher. Both dungeons introduce new challenges and drop high end gear and enchanting materials. With materials from the Corrupted Skynest (and after completing the “Kaia’s Anvil” quest), players can craft and equip mythic-rarity gear with powerful player buffs to increase their damage and survivability, and prepare to tackle Corrupted Skynest (Hard), designed for players with an item level of 480 or higher.”

Over on the game’s console side, there’s a new dungeon in town, the Forsaken Island. Actually, it’s not exactly in town… that would make it less of an island and it would probably prevent it from being properly forsaken, after all. Look, the important thing is that you can go to the Forsaken Island or Forsaken Island (Hard) for drops including enchanting materials, gems, equipment chests, and the Gullinbrusti mount. Meanwhile, RK-9 Kennel is being retired for a bit to have its difficulty and rewards adjusted.

For those of you with no real impulse to visit islands of any variety, much less forsaken ones, you can enjoy the game’s new auto-fishing system allowing you to automatically just cast and reel in fish as long as you stand there. There are also improvements to leveling up and some shuffling of rewards across faction NPCs, so console players of all stripes should have something to look forward to in the patch.

Source: Press release, Official Site


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That’s… one way to announce new content I guess.


Sad thing is I really enjoyed this game at launch and what they did to the leveling curve is just an abomination.