Star Citizen takes a moment to discuss features arriving (and not arriving) in alpha 3.9


Star Citizen Live is continuing to beat the drum for the arrival of alpha 3.9, particularly since the title for the latest broadcast was literally “All About Alpha 3.9.” As one would expect, then, this edition of the livestream talked about the features that would be arriving in the next alpha build, as well as the features not making it in.

A number of functions and features that will be in 3.9 include buying food and drink (though bartender AI is still having some issues), a visor HUD rework as well as incremental ship HUD reworks, the addition of volatile cargo missions where players have to deliver an extremely explosive cargo or jettison the cargo before time expires, the ability to select weapons and load ammo without using the mobiGlas UI, and adding weapon attachments via a dedicated UI.

As for what’s not making it to 3.9; physical inventory won’t be in, transferring money won’t be in, server player counts will not increase, repairing, restocking, and refueling ships will work the same as before, surrender mechanics for the prison system are still not working, environmental hazards like radiation, fire, and smoke won’t be a thing, and there are no mining missions yet as a couple of the devs have different ideas on just what a mining mission should look like; work on a unified vision for these types of missions will continue.

Overall, there’s a fair number of things to pay attention to here, so you can check out the video if you have 50 minutes to spare or can skim this synopsis if you don’t.

sources: Youtube, Reddit
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