The Daily Grind: Are you worried about the fate of EverQuest right now?

Past is just practice.

Ever since last Friday’s latest Daybreak drama – the announcement that longtime EverQuest franchise head Holly Longdale was leaving the studio for some big new opportunity – people have been moaning and worrying about the fate of the games.

But I’m not that worried. Don’t get me wrong: Longdale was a fixture, and even though there were things I did not love about her tenure (like, say, the still-smarting cancellation of EverQuest Next, or the continuing teases she made for the next possible game), I attribute most of the shenanigans to Daybreak itself, not to her. She also kept the games going with successive updates. That counts for a lot.

Either way, I don’t think Daybreak spun up these sub-studios to cancel games with valuable IPs. And interviews with Longdale’s replacement, Jennifer Chan – here’s one MMO blogger Wilhelm sent our way from just a year ago – show her to be remarkably capable and (I’ll say it) bullshit-free. I’m curious to see where she takes the team.

Are you worried about the fate of EverQuest right now?

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