Path of Exile set a new concurrency record with Delirium – here’s what GGG is fixing next


Path of Exile couldn’t have launched Delirium on a worse – or better – day. By happenstance, the entire US was put under a state of emergency on Friday, just hours before Delirium went live, sending a whole lot of people home into something of a light quarantine – with a whole lot of time on their hands and a desire to try something new. That propelled the game to a “peak of 237,160 simultaneous players” just in its first hour up, and caused Grinding Gear Games to scramble even more servers that it’d prepared. (The DDOS didn’t help matters, either.)

In the last few days, the studio’s put together a manifesto for what it’s doing and fixing now that Delirium is out. The main changes will revolve around monster damage bonus scaling, debuff length, monster on-death effects, looting, and performance issues, plus the team wants to tweak the rewards bar.

“When you touch the Mirror of Delirium, a random reward type is chosen for the encounter. When you kill a certain number of monsters, you earn an additional instance of that reward type that drops when the encounter finishes. Currently, the rate at which that reward bar fills up is not proportional to the depth of the monsters you are fighting (monsters deeper in the mist do not fill it up faster). We felt this was appropriate for release because the other rewards that the league grants (such as Cluster Jewels, Delirium Orbs, Splinters and the extremely high quantity/rarity bonuses) do all encourage you to kill as many monsters as possible, which promised clearing as deep as you can. We were considering having the reward bar fill more quickly as you kill deeper monsters, but didn’t have the change ready in time for launch. We plan to make this change in the near future.”

Delirium arrives to Xbox One and PS4 players tomorrow. Check out the updated plan on the official site.


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My guess is that a lot of people are going to find out that nuance of their broadband contract only promises speeds of “up to” their nominal bandwidth.

And ISPs that oversold their infrastructure counting on the fact that even peak usage is typically 50% or less, will be straining as everyone is working from home AND all the kiddies are streaming 4k HD movies to their pads.




What problem? I see no problems. Working as intended.
So it says on the front door to the GGG office.

Kickstarter Donor

Played it, done. Probably more due to picking a bad starter character I don’t enjoy playing apparently (animate weapon), but not a fan of this league mechanic in general nor their philosophy around it.

On-death effects don’t do shit to speedclear builds. Like, literally, they do nothing because you’re zooming through. Legit, if I was playing cyclone I probably wouldn’t even know they existed as I wouldn’t have encountered them. But on a character where I periodically have to stand still to animate more weapons or drop a bladefall for curse etc? RIP.

Between that and their apparent continued design philosophy around visuals being, “You can’t fucking see shit, good luck figuring out what killed you.” I’m finding less motivation to play. But it is getting me back into Torchlight 2, so that’s nice.


Delirium content needs a lot of work. I’m sad to hear they aren’t adding an item vacuum considering the amount of backtracking the mechanic requires. It seems like they’re gonna need to revise this even more as the league progresses and complaints pile up.

Bryan Correll

NB4 the usual crowd that thinks any quality of life improvement is just “catering to the casuals.”