Path of Exile’s latest patch makes adjustments to Delirium League and various bug fixes


Path of Exile is prepping for another update today, as Grinding Gear Games has posted this update’s notes to let players know what’s being changed in the Delirium League and in the game overall.

For the most part, this update will be applying various visual updates to Delirium, such as changes to the Delirium mist to make ground effects easier to see, some new colored lights to monsters and packs with Delirium on-death modifiers to more clearly represent the type of damage their skills will deal, and new effects for Vengeful Sky meteors and the Crushing Terror telegraph among others. There are also some adjustments to Delirium proper, like wind-up animations for volatile monsters before they explode instead of blowing up upon contact, adjustments to reward count pacing, and a number of bug fixes.

As for the rest of Path of Exile, this patch will mostly be fixated on further bug fixes and issue clearing, but there are a couple of tweaks to the game like the ability to select an Atlas mission from the Map Device, the ability to apply Shaper and Elder Influence to areas that also have Conqueror Influence, and several adjustments to some abilities. As is often the case with this game, the details go deep and hyper-specific, so make sure to read through the notes.


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The visual changes feel excellent so far. High risk now rewarded by high skill. Cheers.

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This league has been one of my shortest. I did not enjoy the league mechanic at all, especially coming off the high of metamorphosis which I loved. I’m already calling it quits until the next cause I don’t think there is any change to the mechanic that could be it enjoyable for me aside from a total rework.


Master Missions thing is amazing. Now I can throw Einhar back hiding into the bushes.

The Delirium changes are all around pretty good. The most annoying aspect to Delirium before was you a lot of visual clutter with them using different settings on the same grey slider. Now the dull red explody bits let you know move away. The delayed explosions on the suicide floaters let you operate in tighter quarters.

Big thing I think people are still over-estimating what the fog encounters are meant to be in maps, in that they’re meant to be limited encounters with the Delirium/Fog. The Delirium orbs that let you modify a map is what you’re looking for if you wanna turn the whole thing hard (I assure you 100% Delirium map is no joke). Most cases when speeding through maps I’ll pop fog and if I don’t really see a reward I want I just kinda go through it as I would normally or if I see a reward I really wanna push then I focus on killing and come back for loot later.

Easily one of the most fun and rewarding leagues I’ve played so far.

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The previous league was really good once they worked out a few kinks. I think the current league will miss that mark by a very wide margin even after the issues it has are more or less dealt with. It’s just not fun or all that rewarding when you engage it, at least in my experience of it so far.

Fortunately the good thing about POE is that for the most part it’s possible to ignore things that annoy you, such as league mechanics and still make progress. So I am going to work on improving my knowledge of the end game mapping and trying to figure out how to do that efficiently.

I imagine I will still do the occasional run though the fog but league mechanics are certainly not my focus this go around.

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Yay for the master mission changes, that’s a nice QoL update.

And I’m glad that GGG apparently discovered color contrast exists in their second, “Let’s make everything the same color” league. I’m not even really engaging with this mechanic much, I dislike so much about how it impacts my normal play if I want to actually take advantage of it.