Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 5.25 with new Relic weapons

It keeps happening, lizard.

It’s time for players to start in on the latest set of relic weapons for Final Fantasy XIV today, as patch 5.25 opens up this lengthy questline to players in the new Save the Queen series. Of course, as this is just the start of the resistance weapons line, players will simply need to clear out a lengthy instanced battle (and an optional EX trial), but subsequent stages will no doubt be more involved. And there appears to be quite a bit of new content being set up, to boot.

There are also the new Skysteel Tools, crafting and gathering tools that players can improve over time as a component of the ongoing Ishgard restoration. Add in a new season of the Feast and new furnishings to acquire and it should be evident that there’s plenty to be done with this new patch of content… and there would be plenty to do even if some servers had finished up with that aforementioned Ishgard restoration. (Which they have not as of this writing, for the record.)


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