World of Warcraft walks through the enhanced starting experience for Shadowlands

Nah, you're gonna make it, buddy!

The upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands doesn’t just create new experiences at the top end for players. The revised leveling is bringing with it a revised starting experience, and the latest preview on the official site is all about that new starting experience and how it will play for both new and veteran players. From now on, levels 1-10 will take place not in individual racial starting zones but a new shared zone in which players are part of an expedition for their respective factions searching out an earlier missing expedition.

Once you find yourself in Exile’s Reach, you’ll be facing off against immediate threats on the island, culminating in a special “mini-dungeon” with two bosses designed for up to five players (but playable solo). Veteran players, however, can opt to still play through the individual racial starter experiences, with allied races and the game’s two Hero Classes starting at level 10 and the latter retaining their special starting areas. Check out the whole rundown if you’ve got some alts you’re eager to level in the new expansion.

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