Funcom is celebrating Conan Exiles’ second anniversary since launch


With all the hoopla surrounding Conan Exiles’ latest patch and new builder-centric DLC, Architect of Argos, this week, it’d be easy to forget the game’s other big milestone: It’s turning two years old, specifically two years since its formal launch. ‘Course, it had already sold a million copies by May 8th, 2018, and put Funcom back on the map.

The studio’s put together a retrospective roundup of everything that’s gone on in the game in the last year, from the addition of mounts, The Sunken City and the Sepermeru Silver Mine, the PvP revamp, roleplaying emotes, new gear, and even community contributions.

“The past 12 months have been exciting, but we’re even more thrilled about what comes next,” Funcom writes. “We have several quality of life improvements in the works, as well as additions deriving from the rich Conan lore. We’re looking forward to sharing these plans with you shortly. Till then, have fun in The Exiled Lands and may your enemies forever tremble at your feet!”

Both our Survivalist column and our Stream Team have stayed on top of Conan Exiles the last few years; you can scope those pieces and a few of the more recent streams below!

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