The Crew 2 previews the joy of collections with the upcoming Hobbies update


Do you like to have a fine collection of valuable automobiles in The Crew 2? The game’s next major updates is all about hobbies, hence literally being called the Hobbies update, and a brief new video shows off specifically that collecting is one of the hobbies being highlighted. There are 100 challenges for collectors to, well, collect, including different front bumpers, different Lamborghini cars, different tires… you know, showing that your collection is broad indeed.

And your rewards? A stylish new outfit to show yourself as a person of class. An underglow for your cars to show that you are, in fact, a collector. And you can even get a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner to prove just how great your collection is by adding something new to it. That’s just one of the three hobby-related paths, but for the man who has everything, this update promises to… reward you for that with more stuff.

Source: Twitter

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i really liked the crew 1 but the whole fame/followers bs made me genuinely hate TC2